About Chicago Fishing League

Chicago Fishing League + Club

We are the first sustainable fishing – match fishing league club in the United States. Our goals are to build local fishing, promote local fish, increase fish health at events and help groups enjoy fishing more in urban waters of Chicago’s suburbs and city proper.

Our Matches

We fish from the shoreline. All fish species (that are legal by state regulation) count towards total weight. All fish are placed in a keep net bag and weighed at the end of fishing. All ages and abilities can fish side-by-side at our fishing matches.  New anglers are encouraged to fish and are given choice spots and assistance through special events, early season events and even in-store shopping help to increase their catch. The anglers that catch a mixed bag of fish and who have the largest weight are deemed the winners of our events.

Our Vision

To boost multi-species angling to new heights and build a strong, stable group of clubs and leagues across the United States. So many waters nearby and so many species of fish wait for anglers to challenge their fishing, their patience and their rigs. Local waters are filled with fish.

The most exciting fishing in the world is pond-side or reservoir-side fishing. All anglers can keep an eye on the rest of the field. Unlike fishing competitions in boats, boat contest competitors can’t get a good grasp of where they stand compared to the field. Match anglers can get a feel for where they stand because all anglers are within sight in most match competitions. During a match event, the angler can hear and see the progress down the shore.

The largest group of anglers doesn’t own a boat and fishes with live bait. There is a belief that most good anglers own a boat. The real truth is some anglers share a boat, and the majority of  us do NOT have a boat. We rent boats when we need them and we fish from shore.  The majority of us use live bait and we catch multiple species and enjoy the variety.

We wish to get anglers engaged, grow the sport into an intense, action-packed fishing like no other outdoors sport available! Right here in your own backyard, there are hundreds of fishing spots waiting for you to practice, increase your angling skills and lock horns with millions of fish and hundreds of massive lake monsters! Huge, powerful fish lurk un-fished right nearby. Join us in our pursuit of the ultimate action-sport of match fishing in the Northern Illinois Region. Call 630.235.2162 and ask about Match Fishing. Get yourself into a match!


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